Sully Faux Fur Coat Sully Faux Fur Coat

Sully Faux Fur Coat


Machine Washable.

Faux Fur that is completely made in a Cruelty-Free Way.

Handmade in LA from start to finish with the highest quality work and Breathable Liners.

Easily Removable Sleeves that allow you to transform your jacket into a vest.

There are different types of fur coats but the Mac Daddy Velu is a Burning Man essential at it's finest.

Having in mind how important it is to stay warm all night and not carrying your coat when it gets hot, It will be enough to take off the sleeves to handle the heat while at the same time keeping the same style.

The Zippers

We paid attention to even the smallest details and made each zipper from high quality and durable American metal. We skipped the cheap plastic knock-offs. All the Velu Mac Daddy coats have zippers on both shoulders which allow you to easily transform each jacket into a vest. They were completely torture tested in the Black Rock Desert in order for our team to be certain they would not bind or jam even in the most extreme conditions.

The Hood

The Velu Mac Daddy hood is designed and created to look and fit like a baggy beanie. Simply put the hoods create a "mini-enclosures built to be put on and jam out". Or in other words - when the hood comes on the animal comes out. Now you can have an amazing time while feeling comfortable but still look good at the same time.

The Pockets

These pockets have been designed with new larger phones in mind. These pockets easily fit an iPhone plus, a Galaxy Note, or a Google Pixel XL. So you can be rest assured that you would get the needed space for your daily inventory or simply for your phone. 

There are also two inside chest pockets and two deep outside pockets meaning you never have to worry about space for your things.

Inside: (1) left chest pocket [cell-phone], (2) right chest pocket [wallet]. Outside: (1) left waist, (2) right waist.