Sully Crop Hoodie Sully Crop Hoodie

Sully Crop Hoodie


Machine Washable.

Cruelty-Free Faux Fur.

Handmade in LA.

Limited Edition.

Breathable Liners.

A VELU faux fur Crop Hoodie is a Burning Man essential. Stay warm, show off your curves, dance the night away and look damn sexy while doing it! 

Pocket Large Enough for your Phone

There is one inside chest cell-phone pocket. We made sure the pocket was large enough to fit an Iphone 7 Plus, a Galaxy Note 7, and a Google Pixel XL snuggly with a case.  

Zipper Free

Nobody likes scratchy stuff on naked skin, so we removed any zippers or jagged edges to maximize the comfort factor--this jacket is all fur and was designed to stay up and slightly open to keep you warm enough to rave all night, but versatile enough to show off your bra or pasties!