Our Story

Velu is an American company, run by burners who love doing what they do. We believe in bringing life back to the American manufacturing industry and we are willing to pay a higher price for it. All of our products are made right here in California. Our zippers are even made in the USA; good luck finding that elsewhere! All of our materials are sourced locally! We are not motivated by money, we are motivated by truly unique products and the smiles they bring. 

Here at VELU we take faux fur fashion seriously. Whether you call it playa fur, party fur, or rave fur — wear it as a jacket during the night, or unzip the sleeves and wear it as a vest during the day — whether you wear it for its comfort, or to prove you party like an animal — VELU has it of the highest quality at the lowest price possible.

Velu — Funky Faux Fur Jackets and Vests