Care Instructions

Treat your velu like real fur, even though it isn’t.


  • Fur pile    100% Modacrylic.
  • Fur back: 100% Polyester
  • Liner:       100% Polyester.  

We never use fur tested on, nor from animals, we clothe animals not harm them.

To clean your velu: 

Turn your velu inside out, and wash it ALONE in cold water on gentle, or handwash cycle with your regular detergent and fabric softener. If your velu has removable sleeves, remove the sleeves and turn each sleeve inside out. 
Hang to dry. Gently remove your velu from the washer and use a standard clothes hanger to hang it in a well-ventilated space. If your velu has removable sleeves then reattach the sleeves and hang to dry. Please be patient while your velu dries, it will take a few hours for the water to completely evaporate. If your velu is ironed, or dried with an electric dryer, the polyester fibers will be irreparably damaged and your velu will be ruined:

NEVER place your velu in the dryer! 

NEVER use electric hair-dryers!

NEVER place it in front of a space heater!

NEVER iron it! 

Gently comb it out. It’s going to be matted after the wash—that’s ok! Once the fur is fully dried, use a comb to release some of the matting. Remember to comb it gently, and do not be alarmed if some fur comes loose. The jacket will naturally shed hair after the first or second wash.